About ABU

About Art Between Us, Inc. A Non-Profit Organization

Mission Statement

Art Between Us, Inc. (formerly known as Minding the Body, Inc.) has programs designed for all ages, ethnicities, classes, religions, abilities and sizes. is dedicated to dissolving isolation in our human family through art. We teach collaboration skills using various creative modalities in experiential workshops and public events. We believe all people are creative and that by engaging the creativity that lies in the shared spaces between us, we can find keys to community building, conflict resolution, and sustainable futures.


Formerly known as Minding the Body, Inc. ...

...Art Between Us, Inc. is dedicated to redirecting time, energy and resources away from how we look, and towards who we are in the richness of our alterities,* integrated in body and mind. Our programs are designed for all ages, ethnicities, classes, religions, abilities and sizes with an emphasis on women and girls.

* See The Emperor Has a Body: Body-Politics in the Between by S. Elise Peeples.

Our activities focus on ways to:

  • Foster environments of acceptance and harmony
  • Enliven relationships at the workplace and in our communities
  • Break down polarizations that block creative solutions
  • Reclaim our abilities to work together
  • Teach the art of non-linear communication
  • Collaborate with all voices in the natural world
  • Tap into deeper, richer sources of wisdom

Contact us:

P.O. Box 162
Berkeley, California 94701



Who We Ae

We are composed of a Board of Directors, two Executive Staff, Volunteers and Friends.

Art Between Us, Inc. is a California non-profit corporation founded in 1992 to address issues that include the intricate relationship of women, body image and food. It provides a forum for activating many of the suggestions formulated in the book The Emperor Has a Body: Body-Politics in the Between, published by Javelina Books in Tucson, Arizona in 1998.

Executive Director:

Elise Peeples has an under-graduate degree in Psychology and a Masters in Philosophy and critical thinking. She is a writer of fiction and non-fiction. See www.elisepeeples.com

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